Financial Information

The cost of treatment may vary depending on your individual needs and treatment plan. We will discuss the cost of treatment and each of your available payment options with you before your treatment begins, so you can make the best choice for you, your smile, and your family.


Our office staff is always available to help you with insurance claims and paperwork. We’ll work with your insurance provider and make sure you understand your insurance benefits.

Direct Billing To Insurance

We Direct Bill to your insurance to help you maximize your insurance benefits and minimize your out of pocket expenses!

We encourage our patients to make decisions on what is best for their dental health and not just what is covered by insurance . We will do our best to help you understand your dental concerns, your treatment choices and in the end we are here to support you on whatever you decide is the best choice for you. We understand that dental treatment is an investment in your health and we are more than happy to help you with all the paperwork and to direct bill to your insurance so that you can maximize your benefits.

Unfortunately, the Canadian Personal Privacy Act prohibits us from accessing any information from your insurance carrier. The better you are able to know the details involved in your plan (annual maximums, frequencies, other limitations), the better we can help you utilize and make the most of your plan. For larger treatment plans or for major work, we generally recommend submitting a pre-determination to get a pre-treatment estimate, especially if you are concerned about knowing the particulars of your coverage more specifically. This estimate will then help you understand what your insurance will pay for towards that treatment prior to getting the work done so nothing is ever a surprise!

Payment Options

We want to make it as easy as possible for you and your family to receive the best care whenever it’s necessary. Our practice accepts debit and most major credit cards.

Please let us know if you have any questions about your insurance coverage or payment options, and let us know how we can help to make your entire dental experience a pleasant one.

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