Why Choose Straumann® Dental Implants?

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Straumann Dental Implants – Designed to Last a Lifetime

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Straumann is a leading dental implant company that has earned worldwide trust, and there are many reasons why opting for a Straumann implant is an excellent choice for your oral health.

In the last decade, dental implants have become a standard treatment in dentistry, and there are many types offered by various dental implant companies. But are they offering the same quality, and have these systems been clinically proven in long-term studies? Most patients are not aware of the critical differences between implant systems. Straumann components are manufactured under consideration of internationally recognized quality standards, with high precision, and documented clinical research.

Backed by Science

Straumann has proven success in the research, development, and manufacturing of dental implant solutions. Documented with extensive scientific literature, Straumann has delivered groundbreaking innovations and set technical benchmarks since 1954. Our scientific and technological achievements had led to numerous innovations in the fields of surface technology, high-performance implant materials, and oral regeneration.

Swiss Quality and Innovation

With Swiss engineering roots, Straumann products are well-known for quality and precision. Ground-breaking innovations, such as the SLActive® implant surface, and the high-strength Roxolid® implant material, underline Straumann’s position as one of the most innovative leaders in implant technology.

Reliability and Integrity

When it comes to the reliability of our implant solutions, Straumann sets high standards of quality and scientific integrity. Straumann products have been thoroughly tested and validated in preclinical and clinical studies. As ethical trusted company, Straumann takes pride in providing dentists and their patients with products that work and are backed by scientific evidence for reliable and predictable treatment results.

More than 14 million Straumann Implants Sold Worldwide

Through Swiss precision engineering and clinical excellence, the Straumann Dental Implant System has earned worldwide trust. Clinicians in more than 70 countries have purchased more than 14 million Straumann implants. Rest assured that wherever life takes you, care is nearby for your Straumann dental implants.

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